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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

March 17, 2012

By Shawn Hebert, TMCnet Contributing Writer

In case you missed some of this week's featured stories, we have you covered. Call Tracking Metrics takes home a top award; Xtend extends its service hours; Steve Anderson has a few tips for contact center managers; and I bet your fifth birthday was better than this. Read on.

Call Tracking Metrics was branded as the best call tracking software provider by for March 2012., an authority on search vendors, cited the service's ease of use, effectiveness and customer satisfaction as reasons for giving them its highest rated ranking.

Call Metric allows clients to track numbers in order to identify successful conversions that stem from leads created by marketing channels. Users can track both online and offline marketing campaigns using the tracking numbers and dynamic tracking code.

In another announcement, Xtend Inc. announced this week that they will be extending their call center hours to help meet the increasing demand of its customers. Xtend is a credit union service organization (CUSO) that offers credit unions several options to help reduce operating expenses while increasing revenue. The new hours include a Saturday extension from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Xtend President Scott Collins stated that the expansion of hours was imminent. “Since we support partners in four time zones, we knew it was only a matter of time before we would need to expand to meet the growing needs of our CUSOs.”

While on the subject of call centers, TMCnet contributing writer Steve Anderson posted an article presents several suggestions on how to improve the contact center experience for customers. Do you have someone that is a great speaker but horrible writer? Put them on the phones. Have a great writer but terrible speaker? Have that person answer customer emails. Steve goes on to offer several other ideas to help improve the call center experience. If implemented, then maybe, just maybe, customers won't dread having to make that customer service phone call after all.

And finally, a 911 recording was released after a mother called the service to report that her five year old daughter had been forgotten at Chuck E Cheese overnight, after her family had gathered there earlier in the evening to celebrate the child's fifth birthday.

Chuck E Cheese employees were unable to find the little girl's mother after noticing the child roaming the gaming area shortly after the family had left. The authorities were called and the child was taken into CPS custody overnight. No charges have been filed against the parent.

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