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Voxsmart Reduces Connection Time While Recording Mobile Calls

March 23, 2012

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez, TMCnet Contributor

Voxsmart, the biggest provider of mobile recording solutions, just announced its release of two new services: VoxRecord 2.0, granting users shorter connection times; and VoxMonitor, tightening the security of the transaction.

VoxRecord 2.0 heeds issues with carrier delays, present when recording an outbound call, by putting the recording connection on the hook before the call connects so that sending and receiving has no delay.

Voxsmart's VoxRecord platform is a solution allowing individuals to record any type of communication –voice, PIN or SMS. Once recorded, users easily store data on a recorder or on Voxsmart's own cloud-based archives. They can also control which smartphones will have the recording solution installed in them and establish rules for how the software will interact with each phone.

VoxMonitor is another gem, providing a whole new layer of security that prevents malicious "phone hackers" from accessing lines and tampering with calls. The Voxsmart solution uses a mobile application to monitor the call and eliminate any unwanted issues during the recording session.

"VoxRecord 2.0 and VoxMonitor show our continued innovation and determination to provide the best possible mobile recording solution,” said Paul Manyweathers, CEO of Voxsmart. “Combined with the recent announcement that a major network provider is making a significant change to their network to improve the experience of Voxsmart's users, this is all good news for those organizations that need to record mobile interactions."

Voxsmart’s solution, used in over 10,000 smartphones, is the best on the market because of its recent launch of VoxRecord 2.0 and VoxMonitor. Both solutions allow firms to play FSA's book without switching carriers to compensate for issues while using the software.

Edited by Braden Becker

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