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OAISYS Introduces Expanded Voice Documentation with Version 7.2

April 03, 2012

By Ray Deck, TMCnet Contributing Writer

OAISYS (News - Alert), provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, announced the release of an update on its flagship software offerings Talkument and Tracer. The latest offering, version 7.2, includes expanded voice documentation compliance capabilities and a new Archiving Appliance.

The new release includes a number of media enhancements including:

Call Slicing: This feature allows users to separate a single recording into multiple recordings. For example, in a public safety dispatch center, two portions of a radio call captured as a single, extended-length recording may deal with two distinct incidents. The single call recording can now be sliced into two separate calls, which enables clearer incident reconstruction and analysis.

Call Merging: This enhancement allows users to merge the segments of two or more recordings into a single recording for ease of organization and improved incident reconstruction. For example, three separate calls all pertaining to a single incident can be merged into one recording, enabling a more holistic analysis of a chain of events.

Call Redacting: Sometimes called "Blurring" or "Scrubbing," this feature provides users the ability to highlight a section of the recording and play silence over the audio. For example, if a public safety agency shares a 9-1-1 call with local media outlets, the administrator can now play silence over sensitive information, such as the caller's name or address.

Call Segment Exporting: Now users can highlight a specific segment of a call and export only that portion as a WAV (News - Alert) or other industry standard file format if desired. For example, if a long 9-1-1 call contains pauses of significant duration, the administrator can choose to highlight the sections where conversation is taking place and export only those segments. A beep tone is played to indicate that one segment has concluded and the next is about to start.

Brian Spencer (News - Alert), President of OAISYS, said, "Our customers tell us regulatory compliance is top-of-mind issue, one for which we have been targeting solutions for many years. With Tracer and Talkument version 7.2, I am proud to say we have achieved a unique and comprehensive compliance solution for customers in any industry." 

The 7.2 release of both applications is presently available to both new and existing OAISYS customers.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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