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eFusion Announces HD Recorder 5.1 App for iOS

April 16, 2012

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

eFusion, a Japanese audio technology company, has just announced that version 5.1 of their Voice Recorder HD is ready for the general public. This iOS-based recording application is designed for anyone who loves to be able to record voice memos quickly and easily. This particular app is geared towards the business person who wants to manage background recording on their iPad, iPhone (News - Alert) or iPod. This company has been especially popular in Japan and Russia and has released other applications for iOS devices including the SkyRecorder.

This version of the Voice Recorder HD 5.1 brings something that the other versions couldn’t in that it allows users to upload their recordings to the SoundCloud or DropBox. The ability to upload these audio files to cloud sharing sites like SoundCloud means that you will also be able to share your audio clips on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook (News - Alert). If you enjoy making funny little audio clips and sharing them with your friends, then this application will allow you do it quicker and easier. Larger files which might take too long normally can be uploaded simply by clicking the “open in” function and selecting DropBox.

Another function that this program offers that others don’t is the ability to import or export the audio files using a USB cord. This means that files you might have recorded on your laptop or desktop can be imported into your iOS device using the cable. You can then quickly and easily take the files with you or upload them from anywhere onto DropBox or your social media site. This feature will serve business workers who might make a recording in their office and need to take the recording home to listen to.

The Voice Recorder HD 5.1 is also extremely affordable, as it is carrying just a $1.99 price tag (News - Alert) and is available now in the app store.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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