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OAISYS Announces Early Adopter Release of Mobile Recall Application

April 19, 2012

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

The new Mobile Recall Application from OAISYS (News - Alert) lets users have web-based access to the key functionalities of OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions.

OAISYS explained that the Mobile Recall Application has been built on an HTML5 framework to ensure users have easy access to their call recording data from any device platform that the users choose and any business with a mobile workforce can use OAISYS Mobile Recall to increase their access to the information contained within documented phone conversations.

Users can use mobile devices such as iPhones or BlackBerrys to access their recorded conversations stored on the central OAISYS recording repository. This is done through a simple search based on date, extension, phone number or other criteria retrieved and played back directly from the mobile device.

Three years ago the company released an earlier version of this Mobile Recall app and it was considered as a precursor to the currently emerging ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend. The new early adopter release of the Mobile Recall Application takes full advantage of evolving technology to make the Mobile Recall user experience even simpler and to promote cross-device extensibility.

Some of the actions that can be done using any browser-enabled device individuals with Mobile Recall are running ad-hoc searches for one or more recorded calls, saving routine searches for instant access anytime, drilling down from a list to specific recordings using a multitude of criteria, viewing informative business data related to the interaction, and playing back recordings.

Brian Spencer (News - Alert), president of OAISYS mentioned that some of the benefits that can be realized by combining Mobile Recall with cloud computing are anytime, anywhere data access, dynamic scalability and high availability along with increased cost savings.

The company stated that it is currently accepting a limited number of customers to participate in early adopter field trials of its Mobile Recall application.

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