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Tata Communications Enhances its False Answer Supervision Algorithm

April 25, 2012

By David Gitonga, TMCnet Contributing Writer

In an effort to enhance its False Answer Supervision detection programs, Tata Communications (News - Alert) has announced that it has selected IPSoft’s algorithm. Tata Communications is a recognized provider of New World Communication solutions for international markets. The new and enhanced False Answer Supervision (FAS) algorithm will enable the company to offer its clients quality services as the market demands for a FAS solution that is effective becomes a growing reality.

For over 2 years, Tata Communications has been addressing the problem of customers being charged for incomplete calls and developed internal processes that would help identify carriers having this problem. Tata Communication’s real time routing platform will integrate with IPSoft’s FAS solution to help identify FAS issues and provide high quality call completion that does not charge for incomplete calls.

The new algorithm is proprietary and self-learning and will detect FAS issues by statistical analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs) that monitor signal timing to connect international calls. The new algorithm is 95 percent accurate, saves wholesale operators significant expenses and scales for carriers with over 100 million daily calls.

According to the CEO of IPSoft, Chetan Dube, “The system was originally developed to learn patterns of false calls and the results have been very pleasing.” By tackling the problem from the source, IPSoft’s algorithm was a success right from the trial period up to the final agreement.

IPSoft is a global provider of managed services. The company leverages its self-learning and cognitive systems to power expert systems across IT operations. It works with service providers, telecommunication companies and enterprise customers in providing autonomic-based services.

Working with over 1,600 service providers and providing communication access in over 240 countries, Tata Communications is uniquely well connected to lead the way in identifying and correcting billing patterns of this sort. By leading the way to the formation of the FAS Forum, Tata Communications, in collaboration with IPSoft, will continue to provide advanced technology to carriers in tackling FAS.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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