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Call Tracking Metrics Updates its Call Tracking Solution

May 04, 2012

By Anuradha Shukla, TMCnet Contributor

Call Tracking Metrics is allowing advertisers to publish a single phone number and have each call automatically ring to the location nearest the caller.

The company has launched its call tracking and reporting software, including a geo-routing feature to this end.

“This intelligence is critical in effectively managing a business’s online and offline advertising programs,” said Laure Fisher, Call Tracking Metrics’ Product Manager. “It arms advertising managers for negotiating with their ad reps to get the best performance and price. Time and again we see customers blown away by how much they have been wasting on certain advertising channels, and conversely shocked by how well others are performing.”

Based in Maryland, Call Tracking Metrics serves over 1000 agencies and businesses in North America and Canada. The company has been ranked as the top call tracking service by an independent authority on internet marketing vendors,, for 6 months in a row.

The company notes that businesses can significantly cut down the number of phone numbers it pays for by implementing one tracking number through Call Tracking Metrics.

The new geo-routing capability also has the ability to simplify sales and promotion management; channelize an incoming lead to the right local sales office; shorten sales cycles and improve customer experience.

Advertisers can leverage the new geo-routing capability to publish a single toll-free phone number in their national or regional ads. Each call then automatically rings to the business location nearest the caller.

The newly released capability also lets advertisers voice prompt the caller to enter a zip code if the system cannot track his or her location.

Because the Call Tracking Metrics system can record and track every incoming call, businesses can easily review calls for accuracy, training and evaluation purposes.

Call Tracking Metrics was in news last month for launching a new service allowing agencies to fully white label their software.

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