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Isn't is cheaper and easier to use a software-only call recording solution?

April 14, 2009

By TMCnet Special Guest
Donald Palmer, CEO, SIP Print,

Software solutions are more expensive to implement for call recording than an appliance solution like SIP Print (News - Alert). Why?
Who is going to install the software?
What is the software going to run on?
Who is going to buy and install the hardware?
Who will troubleshoot the issues if the software doesn’t work on installation as promised?
Who will handle the hardware problems?
Ultimately, someone who buys a software solution requires a full-time IT professional to install, maintain, and upgrade the call recording solution? That costs lots of money. You could hire the vendor that sold you the call recording software to manage all of the IT-related issues of getting the software working (buy the hardware, install the hardware, install the software, test the software, troubleshoot the whole system until it works, and monitor the system on a daily basis). This all costs money and is, in fact, how many call recording vendors earn their profit (on the consulting side).
I am all for making money. But I would like to keep as much of it as possible.
In the end, an appliance is software embedded on hardware — a simple solution with a return on investment that is substantially greater than a software-only solution, because the costs of the appliance are far less than the cost of the software, hardware, installation, upkeep, etc. Sure, software is less. But software without hardware is gets you nowhere.

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