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Ask the Expert: SIP Print's CTO Discusses Predictions for 2010

January 05, 2010

By TMCnet Special Guest
Jonathan Fuld, Chief Technology Officer, SIP Print,

Recently, a well respected leader in the communications industry asked me for my predictions for the year 2010. So I gladly responded with what I saw coming for the year. As the initial issue of 'Ask the Expert' for the year 2010, I thought you might enjoy the following predictions.
Q: Jonathan, in the telephony industry, what are your predictions for 2010?
A: I spend a lot of time around technology, technology forensics, VoIP telephony, electronics and the people who spend much of their waking hours around software, hardware and telecommunications. So, my answer to this question goes outside the telephony industry.
Everybody is mobile now with iPhone (News - Alert), Droids, Smart Books, netbooks, laptops, desktops and for the kids coming home for college, the Xbox's, Wii's and N64's. There are several innovative products that will hit the market; it cannot be limited to just one. So here are my predictions for 2010:
1.       Commoditization of medical centers so that blood tests costs without doctor approval around $25 for a full panel, with results available via the web, or pda apps. 
2.       Drastic price reduction in solar panel technology and manufacturing from China to actually give a run for the money against traditional low cost energy sources, such as oil, coal and natural gas.
3.       The commoditization of the production and delivery of nutraceuticals/pharmacologicals substantially reducing health costs – paradigm shift against traditional pharma IP ownership, drug discovery, manufacturing and delivery.
4.       Pet brainwave interpreter applications bluetoothing from the pet transmitter to the pda – knowing what your pet thinks. 
5.       Micro banks/credit lending facilities for SMBs throughout the world. 
6.       Regional Accredited learning centers post high school that compete with and beat major universities at one 50th the cost. 
7.       Decoupling of the transmitter/receiver device, such as Wi-Fi, cellular or land line, from the application device. So you wear a wrist watch size device that transmits and receives data from your cellphone, smart book, netbook, laptop or desktop or television to and from the internet. This way, the system is always on and always with you. 
8.       Micro-nuclear plants – powering cities – using recyclable or recycled nuclear fuel. 
9.       The financial failure of several cloud companies so that they are merged into two or three large conglomerates. 
10.   Micro-manufacturing sites using “lego” robots. 
11.   Home Theater 3D at the price of current large lcd/plasma large screens. 
12.   On the fly video conferencing for the SMB and, this way, the codec for HD and high compression will be solved. 
13.   The mobilization of business; no longer will business or their employees have to be in one place or any place for the majority of all businesses.
14.   Verizon will buy a majority in Apple (News - Alert) and Google. 
15.   Avaya (News - Alert) will buy a majority of Motorola (News - Alert). 
16.   Cisco (News - Alert) will make a play for Oracle or perhaps the other way around. 
And there you have it, the Ask the Expert predictions for 2010. If you agree, go ahead and send me a note. If you disagree, I would enjoy hearing your response as well. If you have a technology question you want answered, email me at
To find out more about Jonathan Fuld and SIP Print (News - Alert) (News - Alert), visit the company at ITEXPO East 2010. To be held Jan. 20 to 22 in Miami, ITEXPO (News - Alert) (News - Alert) is the world’s premier IP communications event. Fuld is speaking during “Reducing IT Costs with VoIP Recording Strategies.” Don’t wait. Register now.

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