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Tech Talk with SIP Print's Jonathan Fuld: Call Recording and Vacation

February 16, 2010

By TMCnet Special Guest
Jonathan Fuld, Chief Technology Officer, SIP Print,

Last year I went on vacation on some local ski slopes. I was gone for a week skiing day and night. I had local phone service. I had my cell phone. What I did not have was access to all the phone calls made to and from my company while I wasn't there.

I did not have VoIP call recording. Sure, I could forward my extension to my cell phone - an element of unified communications - but I could not listen to my calls without “record all the time” Call recording - also an element of unified communications. Okay, you must be asking yourself, why would you want to do work while you are on vacation? Well, what I have found now is that I can't seem to get away from work, because I like to work. I like to vacation, but I like to work.

My PC lets me see my email, check the CRM, follow the presentations of my sales folks, and gives me immediate electronic access to the administration of the company. In addition, my PC helps me program when I get that “a ha” moment; same thing for my HTC (News - Alert) Droid. I can pretty much check all that happens at my company except for one thing. I can't hear the phone calls from our call center unless I have call recording and I have a way to listen to those recorded calls.

All the tools exist for me to access the recordings of the calls, the pc, vpn's, the droid and so on. But it does me no good if I don't have those calls recorded. Easy enough. I have a SIP-based VoIP phone system, and I use my company's own product, SIP Print (News - Alert) - the call recording appliance - to record and archive those calls.

Now, I can listen to those calls anywhere and anytime. It is simple enough. SIP Print monitors the call traffic on the network, both sides of the conversation, reassembles the IP packets into one conversation, converts it to a wav file and then stores it in the database. In fact, I can pull any number of those call recordings that I want. I don't have to buy extensive hardware or software or extra features that I don't want. I just have basic call recording for my business.

In the end, I am able to go on vacation and still run my business all because of call recording. Yes, I can delegate to my employees, and I do, but I still keep in touch with my business while on vacation all because of SIP Print VoIP call recording.

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