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Tech Talk with SIP Print''s Jonathan Fuld: Call Recording Analytics

March 08, 2010

By TMCnet Special Guest
Jonathan Fuld, Chief Technology Officer, SIP Print,

Merriam Webster’s website defines Analytics as the method of logical analysis. Analysis comes from the Greek as meaning to break up or, in other words, to separate from the whole into its component parts. Sometimes, though, it is better to see the whole for what it is and to make business decisions based on the sum of the parts as well as the parts.
The successful small business owner is a master of the core competencies of the business. A pizza restaurant owner knows how to make the best pizza, how to serve it and how to make money. The owner uses analytics to discover which ingredient combinations sell the most pizzas on which day each month. Same with the auto dealers, they use analytics to determine which loan programs which colors, which vehicles sell the best during the month.
What neither business has had until most recently is the ability to use analytics to improve customer employee interactions on the telephone. Analytics of call recording provides a wealth of information formerly not available to the small medium enterprise. VoIP drives down the cost of telephony along with the ancillary services like call recording.
The simplest form of call recording analytics is the business owner listening to a sampling of call recordings made through out the week. In fact, one of VoIP call recording provider SIP Print’s (News - Alert) customers does this very thing. They are not a big company, in terms of people, but they are big in terms of sales and influence in the industry. The CEO listens to a sampling of all the calls made by his sales people. Another customer of SIP Print listens to a sampling of all the calls made by its collection agents. This is call recording analytics at the most basic. 
Call recording analytics includes call accounting systems that identify trend analysis, on the fly reporting with call recording playback hyperlinks. Other analytics systems can include voice stress analysis, word spotting, phrase identification and other measurements used to manage and improve employee interactions with the customers.
Some of the more well known call recording analytics, also known as call center analytics, are:
  • VXI* – Verbio Speech Analytics over Asterisk
  • Call Miner Eureka
  • Verint (News - Alert) Actionable Intelligence
  • Nice Real Time Guidance Real Time Analytics
  • Oracle Contact Center Analytics (BI)
These are large systems meant for the Fortune 500 customer.
The simplest analytics are the best for the small medium business enterprise that implements call recording; that is listening to a sampling of calls. In that way the owner has direct contact with the employee whose call was recorded and can follow-up with the customer if needed.

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