Vocalocity Introduces Company Call Recording Service

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Vocalocity Introduces Company Call Recording Service

October 13, 2010

Company Call Recording Service, a new feature for all VoIP customers, has been launched by Vocalocity, the premier provider of small business VoIP services.

This new service has been introduced by Vocalocity as a part of an ongoing commitment to provide customers with new features to support their continuing small business communications needs.

“The Company Call Recording feature is the result of constant conversations with customers. Like many successful companies in the marketplace today, we realize customer service is the key factor to success. We are excited that we can provide tools like Company Call Recording to help our customers work more efficiently in their businesses,” said Vocalocity CEO Wain Kellum.

For both training employees and compliance purposes, the new service can be used. At the same time, it is also very simple to use. The account administrator sets up basic rules that define what to record. Once the rules are set, recordings happen automatically – there are no “buttons” to push.

For Vocalocity customers, the Company Call Recording is available immediately. With a click of a button through the Administrator User Interface, the service can be added. Only by signing up, the new customers can add Company Call Recording service. With Company Call Recording, customers benefit from the following features:

Record only what you need: Record 1 to 100 percent of inbound or outbound calls on any extension, call group, call queue or Conference Bridge.

Perfect for quality control: Ensure that employees are performing up to your standards.

No expiration date: You have access to your recordings for as long as you keep the service. They’ll never expire or disappear. You can also e-mail, save them to your computer or delete your recordings.

Flat rate: Company Call Recording Service is only $49.99 per month, whether you use it on 1 extension or 100. The basic plan comes with 500 hours of recording time; additional time is available.

“Demand for affordable, high-quality company call recording has been strong among our customers,” said Mark Carubia, director of product management for Vocalocity. “We are proud to provide a superior service at one of the lowest price points in the industry.”

In related news, Vocalocity launched Click-To-Dial, another feature that helps its cloud-based phone system work even harder for its customers.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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