Call-Shadow Call Recording Solution from Shadow Technology Now Avaya Compatible

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Call-Shadow Call Recording Solution from Shadow Technology Now Avaya Compatible

January 31, 2008

Shadow Technology has announced today support for the Avaya Telephony Platform and Generic SIP for its Call Recording Product, “Call-Shadow.” This solution is compatible with Avaya PBX models S8300, S8500, S8700 as well as IP Office 500.

Call-Shadow is a sophisticated, distributed, easy to use low cost call recording Software produce that records VoIP calls using network sniffing. It does not require any CTI links with either Cisco CallManager or Avaya Communications Manager. The cost for Call-Shadow is roughly $350 per monitored phone.

”We are very excited at this announcement" said Shadow Marketing Director, Alex Kafkarides, in a Thursday statement. "With the addition of Avaya and Generic SIP, the size of our potential market has grown considerably. We will continue adding new platforms and will be announcing Mitel and 3Com support later in the year."

The latest release of Call-Shadow can be used for 30 days after a download from Shadow Technology is also seeking resellers globally and if interested, please contact to find out more.
An easy-to-use call recording solution, Call-Shadow is designed to implement the corporate call record keeping policy and provide secure, easy access to call records. As a result, managers can review phone calls according to their workgroup and users are empowered by providing them with accurate records of their calls.

Call-Shadow can be used in mission critical implementations as it offers a clustering system with an advanced fail-over system, with no single point of failure. If a server were to become unavailable, its workload is divided between its peers without operator intervention.

Such a clustering system is positioned as being superior to a simple hot-swap standby system as all servers are working, providing scalability and redundancy at the same time. Any accesses to replays are logged and can be audited by authorized users.

Call-Shadow is highly integrated with Cisco CallManager, having an XML phone service which allows replaying calls directly on the phone, and being integrated with CallManager's user directory (LDAP DCDirectory) for unified authentication.

Call recoding has become a fundamentally critical aspect of not only call center operations, but also businesses throughout multiple industries as it helps to ensure better productivity, increased quality of customer service, protection during disputes and opportunities for training.

The Call-Shadow solution is designed to address specific needs and challenges that organizations face in monitoring calls, but also in accessing those calls later for training and improvement purposes. Its Avaya compliance will help to better position the solution and extend its reach where its brand alone struggled.

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