IDA Sets Up Dedicated Phone Numbers for Dentists

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IDA Sets Up Dedicated Phone Numbers for Dentists

May 24, 2012

Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) is giving dentists the option to set up dedicated phone numbers through its new dental marketing websites.

IDA is North America's largest provider of websites for dentists, email patient newsletters and dental directories. This option from IDA enables dentists to track new patient calls and maximize conversions.

The powerful new dental marketing "Call Tracking" option helps dentists to display a toll-free phone number on each of their Web Portals. Thanks to this capability, dentists can easily collect important lead generation data about prospective patients.

In addition, dentists can also complete data conversion about their front desk team from their dental websites.

"Call tracking is one of the best ways to monitor the effectiveness of your dental marketing strategy," said Jim Du Molin, founder of Internet Dental Alliance and a former dental consultant. "Call tracking lets you compare your different dental marketing campaigns side-by-side. It lets you see which cities are producing the most new patients for your practice."

Users can manage the "Call Tracking" option from the practice's online Control Panel.

IDA claims this option has the ability to maximize online dental marketing campaigns whether dentists have just one IDA Portal or several Portals for multiple locations or dental markets.

The new dental marketing websites also offers "Call recording” option to users that lets them see how well a team is converting an appointment request into a new patient.

This option, notes IDA, helps the dentists ensure that their team is handling calls properly.

IDA was in news earlier this year for announcing new patient portals that allow instant updates to dental websites.

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