TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

August 10, 2012

We’ve reached the end of the week in the world of Call Recording. Here’s a wrap-up of what we learned in the Call Recording sphere over the past five days.

Accurate Always revealed its new VoIP call recording website, which gives companies and call centers the tools that they need to build a VoIP call recording system from the ground up. Accurate Always bases its knowledge on the decade of experience it’s had deploying Voxida call recording and monitoring appliances to enterprises.

Kate Haley, the company’s CMO, cited the company mission to be a resource in addition to serving as a vendor. When companies know how recording methods will affect project risk and cost, they can make more informed and beneficial decisions.

In other news, Telecom & Data unveiled its new call recording solution this week. Trisys Replay, designed for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB), features both a server and software that allows businesses to record calls in high-quality digital sound for a price they can afford.

Companies interested in utilizing Trisys Replay can choose from five specially-designed versions developed to meet the unique needs associated with different company phone systems.

According to news that came out this week, the country of Tanzania is profiting handsomely from changes in Africa’s telecom market. Tanzanians are seeing their Internet access costs drop to a four-year low thanks to the government’s investment in infrastructure and the Tanzania Telecommunications Company’s recent deal to supply neighboring Rwanda with 1,244 Mbps of bandwidth.

Coupled with its oodles of new bandwidth, Tanzanian telecoms are capitalizing on the relatively small utilization rate in the country. According to reports, 97.5 percent of the Tanzanian population is still unable to connect, which means that opportunities abound for telecoms that are ready to expand.

Finally, call recording is playing a tangential role in the ousting of The Maldives’ former president. The country’s Telecommunications Authority has been found negligent in its provisions of call recordings to the Commission of National Inquiry. So far, the commission has pertinent call logs, but the TA has been either unable or unwilling to access the actual recordings so that the commission can complete its report by the August 30 deadline.

Maybe call recording will again venture into international intrigue next week. To find out what the future holds, keep checking in for daily updates from TMCnet’s Call Recording community.

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