TantaComm Unveils a Standardized Platform for Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

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TantaComm Unveils a Standardized Platform for Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

August 24, 2012

TantaComm, a provider of call recording, call compliance, and quality management solutions for BPOs, has announced the availability of Centralize, a standardized platform for call recording and quality monitoring.

Centralize has been in existence in different configurations for a variety of customers. Now with increasing demands from customers TantaComm has standardized these configurations and enhanced functionality to facilitate a formal product launch and on-going evolution.

Centralize allows customers to consolidate call recordings  from multiple call center operations and platforms into a centralized location for streamlined quality monitoring, consolidated data analysis, and long-term retention. 

"We understand that in many circumstances, organizations are managing internal and/or outsourced call center operations across varied call recording platforms and quality monitoring processes," stated Ruben Moffett, chief operating officer, in a statement.  "Centralize is a solution to help standardize these disparate operations into a singular platform facilitating economies of scale and consistency."

The new call recording platform delivers a number of benefits. By offering efficient media format conversion processes, Centralize facilitates aggregation of call recordings regardless of call recording platforms. It also provides a centralized and secure cloud solution for long-term retention of customer interactions for compliance and legal purposes.

The product can be implemented in stand-alone format or integrated with TantaComm IQ product suite, which includes a recently introduced call recording software known as Capture , call compliance solution known as Protect and quality management solution called Evaluate.

TantaComm Capture is designed to maximize operational efficiency at Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

TantaComm Capture supports Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) across a variety of systems and protocols. Users can handle 100 percent compliance recording or create unique set of rules to meet specialty or sampled recording.  The interaction recording software also comes with industry-leading compression rates for reduced storage requirements.    

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