Call Recording is Improving How We Do Business in a VoIP Environment

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Call Recording is Improving How We Do Business in a VoIP Environment

August 24, 2012

Call recording can be used to improve business operations. As the advanced version of this technology is typically used with software that connects both PSTN and VoIP digital audio files, hosted PBXs are becoming a ready solution for a number of companies. And for those already communicating in a digital environment, the files are easily created and captured for archiving or later review.

As companies are gradually steering away from the traditional landline, the options at first glance don't have all the features a functional office environment wants. There won't be a main office phone number, no extensions and voicemail boxes, hold music, call recording or even a dial-by-name directory. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the case.

Despite the fact that many existing VoIP applications are available and can give these offices the solutions they desire, most are not pocketbook friendly, according to this Forbes report. In fact, an average cost to implement applications like Google Voice, Skype or even MagicJack could cost up to $5,000. Hosted business phone systems are apparently a well-kept secret. Companies seeking cost-effective communications need to come up with a real phone solution with call recording that runs effectively and efficiently using VoIP. 

They will need to do some comparison shopping from the onset to evaluate hosted PBX services. There are a couple different call recording options out there for various VoIP systems so it is important for a business to understand its needs. The all-encompassing business solution does exist, and it doesn't have to include a landline.Phone systems have been on the advancing end of technology for years. 

The old switchboard towers in the 1960s are gone as are their mostly female operators with headsets. But that was the PBX. Today's PBX doesn't consist of hardware, bulky equipment and large staff. Rather, the technology simply includes digital switches incorporated in software that handles incoming calls through the data network or VoIP. There is no longer a need for on-site PBX systems. 

Like a million other software programs, call recording and PBX can be accessed via the Internet. Simply register and begin using this hosted solution. Businesses can easily integrate a phone system in their office by connecting their IP desk phones to the Internet.OnSIP is probably one of the more simple solutions that consist of an effective pay-as-you-go model for up to 100 employees. This gives users a direct administrative portal to create employee extensions, add voicemail, auto attendant call recording upload and more, for just $16 a month. 

There is also a complimentary unified communications interface. PhoneBooth gives users unlimited nationwide calling for a $20 flat rate per user per month. That includes two free numbers, transcriptions of voicemails, unlimited auto-attendants and conference bridges. All of this with a 2.0 web interface to allow users to effectively manage features. 8x8 gives users the option of cloud hosting, hosted VoIP phone service or hosted call center solutions for any size of business. 

For just $29.99 per extension per month, 8x8 gives unlimited calling with a conference bridge.In short, there are a number of options that can work for incorporating call recording in the VoIP environment, but the first step is to select the right VoIP solution. Once the streamlined process is in place, the recording can begin.

Edited by Juliana Kenny

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