Syn-Apps Updates SA-Announce to 8.3.14 with Full Redundancy

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Syn-Apps Updates SA-Announce to 8.3.14 with Full Redundancy

August 29, 2012

Syn-Apps, a major player in network-centric paging and mass notification and provider of call recording solutions, today released the latest version of its SA-Announce notification software. Included in the new release, version 8.3.14, are a number of significant enhancements including an industry-first, high-availability option that delivers full redundancy and fault tolerance.

This feature actually allows multiple SA-Announce servers to be clustered together in order to maintain message delivery even during a server outage or system fault scenario.

The updated version boasts a redesign of the database and notification service engine, featuring full redundancy by allowing multiple servers to work together as a single notification platform. Leveraging a publisher and multiple subscriber servers, the latest version of SA-Announce delivers advanced load balancing and fault tolerance by sharing message delivery and notification responsibilities. Furthermore, the publisher and all subscriber servers can be easily configured.

"We are very proud to deliver SA-Announce 8.3.14. With this release, our customers will benefit from full fault tolerance, load balancing and increased scalability. This version provides SA-Announce customers unprecedented reliability for their notification and paging services — a critical requirement as more and more organizations seek to leverage our system in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios," said Ian Pitts, CTO of Syn-Apps, in a statement.

The new release also features a number of other improvements and enhancements, including an improved Desktop Notification Client, integration with industry standard alert feeds and improved polling and response reporting.

Syn-Apps continues to steadily update and improve its SA-Announce software product. Two years ago saw the release of version eight, which included such features as enterprise wide text and audio notifications along with real-time notifications such as emergency alerts and live audio notifications. Notifications could also be scheduled with an integrated scheduling system.

This functionality is all present and improved upon in version 8.3.14 of SA-Announce.

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To learn more about Synn-Apps and its solutions and products, visit its website.

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