Applied Global Technologies Delivers Mobile Video Conferencing to Enable Critical Applications

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Applied Global Technologies Delivers Mobile Video Conferencing to Enable Critical Applications

August 29, 2012

There are many reasons you may need a call recording service. Internal policies may have changed within the company, government regulations may be in effect or you may be looking to monitor calls for optimal quality. The global proliferation of high definition video conferencing and Telepresence have driven strong demand for advanced IP video testing, network certification and call quality monitoring.

Applied Global Technologies (AGT), a managed services and unified communications technology provider for interactive and mobile video conferencing solutions, is now delivering EncoreB2B to enable critical applications that utilize video conferencing across government issued and personal devices while enabling secure connectivity for the federal government.

AGT offers a number of services and products, including mobile pathway protocol, mobile video conferencing, cloud services and video call testing and monitoring. AGT’s FATHOM HD is the only independent HD IP video testing, certification and call quality monitoring tool in the market. Its cutting edge video quality assurance and testing technology monitors your video conferencing environment and experience, offering proactive network management, quality testing and automatic error checking. Its features use real traffic loading to inject video calls on the network to determine actual call quality.

EncoreB2B attaches to existing government Cisco, Polycom, Compunetix, and Microsoft Lync infrastructures to enable smartphones, tablets, laptops, and HD video conferencing systems to easily and securely connect between networks, devices, and applications using the Mobile Pathway Protocol. By leveraging already open and secure web ports with EncoreB2B’s Mobile Pathway Protocol, government clients experience an easy and SECURE mobile video connection between networks, whether it’s an outside agency network, a public network or a guest network.

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Managements’ 2012 “Report to the Congress” almost 32 percent of government agency employees have been determined eligible to telework. And despite the fact that the report found savings of $19.8M by the US Patent and Trademark Office and that an average National Science Foundation employee saves 62 hours of commuting time in a year, only about eight percent of government agency employees are actually engaging in Telework. The report concluded the three biggest barriers to adoption are management, technology, and security concerns. EncoreB2B has been adopted by numerous state and federal government agencies recently to overcome these barriers to adoption.

“AGT’s EncoreB2B was built around government requirements for accessibility, simplicity, and security,” explains Mark Cray, EVP of product marketing for AGT, in a statement. “We developed EncoreB2B to easily integrate into government infrastructures and provide interoperability of just about any device or application with connectivity across different networks. That’s why EncoreB2B is now being used by the Army, Navy, and various Civilian Agencies and State Governments to enable distance learning, telemedicine, joint operations, telework and mobility.”

To help agencies to get started using mobile video conferencing for key initiatives, AGT has recently teamed up with its partner Yorktel Corporation, a designer, integrator and manager of world-class video solutions that enable visual communications, to offer a special end-of-the-fiscal year promotion for the purchase of the EncoreB2B mobile video platform.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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