Learn to Optimize Your Business with Call Tracking

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Learn to Optimize Your Business with Call Tracking

September 13, 2012

These days, most phone systems for marketing and sales will offer call tracking insights, and why not? It’s a nice little add on so managers can track progress; if one employee is falling behind the rest, it’s easy to spot.

But there’s so much more that call tracking can provide. It just needs you to ask the right questions.

For starters, insights from call tracking can reveal what markets you’re successful in, and how well advertising is working. By providing metrics on which customers in which industries make the most purchases, and how they found you, it provides clear data on what’s hot and what’s cold.

It can also reveal how many first-time callers are satisfied or make a purchase, as well as the same for any return callers.

With that information, you can figure out what strategies work in what markets, and what customers are looking for.

Call tracking insights are also helpful for employee training. If you see an area someone is lacking in, or that’s having trouble across the board, training can be offered or adjusted to compensate for it.

“Call tracking reports easily segment your call data and provide you with tangible evidence to support strategic marketing, customer service process, and overall business decisions,” said Laura Noonan in her article. “Having access to this in-depth data empowers you with accurate business intelligence and eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty about employee and customer behaviors.”

Given all the potential in call tracking, it’s important that it’s fully utilized. Letting these tools go to waste is just lost income, and lets opportunities and information slip away. It’s important to learn what information your call tracking tools provide, and how to use that information to its fullest.

It’s all available; you just have to use it.

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