CallProof Releases iPhone 5-Specific Version of its CRM App

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CallProof Releases iPhone 5-Specific Version of its CRM App

October 02, 2012

CallProof's mobile CRM app is now fully compatible with the iPhone 5, closely following the launch of the new device. This new version of CallProof CRM takes full advantage of two of the iPhone 5's most significant features: its faster processor and larger display.

The app is also available on older versions of the iPhone as well as Android, but the iPhone 5 version features integration with the iOS maps app, making it able to give directions and determine proximity to potential clients.

It's no wonder CallProof would want to cater to Apple's latest mobile offering, as the iPhone 5 sold over five million units in only three days, from sales in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK. With the device set to launch in more than 100 countries by the end of the year, the iPhone 5 will prove itself a device worthy of extra attention.

CallProof CRM is a sales tracking tool which aims to help those in sales to track their activity, allowing managers to see what sales teams are doing throughout any given day. This allows a salesperson's smartphone to become the ultimate sales tool, not only able to make calls to prospects, but also acting as part of a sales tracking system.

Specifically, CallProof CRM helps salespeople sort their customers based on location, making it easier to set an appointment in relation to other customers. Meanwhile, managers are able to then see when and where members of their sales teams are making visits in real time.

The app's Web portal also automates a number of sales activities and is capable of recording phone calls on any smartphone. These recordings are then logged by the sales tracking system, along with a log of all calling activity, and saved as part of a customer's history.

The advantages CallProof CRM offers both sales and management professionals presents a win-win solution ideal for any sales organization.

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