Natterbox Partners with Orange BSTS for Mobile Call Recording

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Natterbox Partners with Orange BSTS for Mobile Call Recording

October 10, 2012

Customer experience, employee productivity and business efficiency superheroes. Natterbox is a company that delivers cloud voice services for enterprises and dynamic organizations. Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010, Natterbox kicked off the voice revolution by challenging everyday expectations of telephone experiences; putting the focus on customer experience and mobility. The company is exploring further by signing a partnership deal with Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions to provide mobile call recording.

"Mobile call recording is something that has become a necessity to regulated financial services companies in the last year. Failing to comply could land organizations in serious legal trouble and they have been crying out for a simple, secure, non-disruptive solution,” Neil Hammerton, chief executive officer of Natterbox said in a statement.

Many businesses that opted for app-based recording solutions when the rules were first introduced have been finding that they are overly complex, easily circumvented and unworkable. Natterbox’on-network solution solves that problem and this new partnership with Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is believed to make it even more accessible to thousands of business users.

The solution is network-based, meaning that users will not have to install any apps or software, or configure their device in any way. It works on every network that Orange partners with and claims no reduction to user experience.

The partnership is intended to enable any organization regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to license the service and become compliant with legislation on mobile call recording.

Lionel Grosclaude, chief executive officer of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, believes this partnership with Natterbox to align with the company’s strategy to offer the best services to its clients. The company’s mobile voice recording solution not only provides what clients need for compliance purposes but goes above and beyond, enabling better detection and prevention of fraud for robust governance, adding additional value to their systems.

In another release, Red Box Recorders and Natterbox announced that they have partnered up to provide an on-network, FSA-compliant mobile call recording service.

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