GL Announced Enhanced NetSurveyorWeb

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GL Announced Enhanced NetSurveyorWeb

October 11, 2012

GL Communications Inc., supplier of test, monitoring and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, IP and VoIP networks, announced the release of its enhanced NetSurveyorWeb, a Web-based client that can connect to SS7 / ISDN / GSM / GPRS probes through a Web server for display of call data records with a Web interface.

Jagdish Vadalia, senior manager of Product Development for the company, stated, “The SS7 network is the backbone for fast and efficient signaling irrespective of network type - whether wireless, wired, or VoIP. Also, the inherent database features of SS7 make today’s advanced intelligent features and services a reality. To keep pace with this evolution, GL has enhanced its SS7 monitoring and diagnostic system. Not only can it be used for billing verification, remote protocol analysis, and traffic engineering, but now it can also provide key performance indicators, failure analysis, and call trace capability, to name a few.”

 "A network operator, service provider, or equipment manufacturer must have the means to perform the above surveillance tasks remotely, automatically, and non-intrusively. Fortunately, the network backbone contains a wealth of information that can be monitored and collected to support these activities," Vadalia continues.

T1 E1 T3 E3 Probes are deployed in the field to monitor various protocols and conditions, which are collected at a central site into a database. Data records are stored into a centralized database (Oracle) using ODBC. With the use of Web server, the remote or local monitoring can be accessed using NetSurveyorWeb.

"GL's TDM Network Monitoring System uses an open three tier distributed architecture driven by non-intrusive hardware probes, intelligent software, and a database engine. The architecture is shown in the graphic below that consists of a scalable and flexible system, so the user can use it for multiple sites and various applications,” he says.

NetsurveyorWeb enables to identify network trends using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s); automatically alert users when "Calls of Interest" occur; flexible report generation; comprehensive analysis from overall network health to detailed protocol monitoring.

NetsurveyorWeb features include access to real-time data and historic remotely via browser-based clients; set alarm conditions and generate alerts; reports are displayed in tabular and graphical formats; customize reports and graphs based on SQL queries; graphs for call completion ratio, link name message counters, time duration message counters, and disposition count real-time data displays and more.

Applications of NetsurveyorWeb include call detail records, fraud detection and location; remote protocol analysis and troubleshooting; real-time signaling monitor, traffic optimization engineering, statistics; determine actual call signaling routes; revenue and billing verification, alarm monitoring, intrusive testing quality of service measurements; and call trace and recording.

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