Detach but Don't Disconnect with the Only You App

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Detach but Don't Disconnect with the Only You App

October 11, 2012

There are times when you feel on top of the world and want to talk to everybody, and there are other times when you want a silenced phone with the ability to connect only with a chosen few. But, with smartphones and mobile devices cluttering the call area, is that really possible?

Well, app developers are intuitive and always have a pulse on what the consumer needs. They have come up with the Only You application, a convenient, easy-to-use and effective call management app designed specifically for Android phones, said officials.

Going a little beyond the traditional call block concept, Only You allows users total control of what calls they want to filter out, allowing them to choose whom they want to keep in touch with. When the app is activated, only calls from the contacts on the Only You list will ring while all the others go directly to voicemail.

Any number of contacts can appear on the Only You list and for the user's reference the app also logs all filtered calls and SMS and displays them on the phone's notification bar. Later, the user can decide whom they need to call back.

A timer feature allows users to specify how long they want to filter calls, after which time it automatically turns off.

The free limited version of the app includes two preferred callers while in app purchase for five preferred callers is $0.99.

In other news, Sprint Nextel, a provider of a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services, announced it is launching an innovative new service, the StarStar Me, that lets customers use a name they choose in place of their mobile telephone number. A free StarStar Me app, available on the Android phone allows users to block specific callers, manage incoming calls, view a call log and manage multiple numbers.

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