GL Debuts GSM and UMTS MAP Emulation Software

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GL Debuts GSM and UMTS MAP Emulation Software

October 11, 2012

Mobile Application Part (MAP) is an SS7 protocol that offers application layer services to the numerous nodes in GSM and UMTS networks. MAP has the ability to be transported with the help of 'conventional' SS7 protocols. These protocols are carried by Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) in TDM (T1 and E1) or over IP using SIGTRAN.

Recently, GL Communications has announced the availability of its GSM and UMTS MAP Emulation software. In a controlled and deterministic manner, the GSM and UMTS MAP Emulation software can run pre-defined test scenarios against test objects.

GL’s advanced and versatile protocol simulator/tester, MAPS has the ability to simulate numerous protocols in the telecom space. This consists of ISDN, CAS, SS7 and many more. It also supports all the GSM and UMTS MAP interfaces.

MAPS MAP Emulator supports critical utilities like Message Editor, Script Editor and Profile Editor. Using these utilities, new scenarios can be created or existing scenarios can be changed based on MAP messages and parameters.

Speaking to media persons, Jagdish Vadalia, senior manager of product development for the company, said,” GL’s MAPS is an advanced and versatile protocol simulator/tester that can simulate a variety of protocols encountered in the telecom space, including ISDN, CAS, SS7, and many more. Now, it also supports all the GSM and UMTS MAP interfaces. In addition to supporting MAP network elements connected by the interfaces listed, it also supports error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, load testing.”

Recently, the company announced improvements to its reliable IP and VoIP network monitoring system, PacketScanWeb. The solution provides deep monitoring of VoIP traffic, as it is installed in a central location along with an Oracle database. To passively monitor VoIP traffic, various GL PacketScan probes and GL’s PacketProbes are installed in remote locations across the network.

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