Rapidsoft Systems Unveils Upgraded rDialer Series

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Rapidsoft Systems Unveils Upgraded rDialer Series

October 11, 2012

Offering an improved user interface and other advanced features, Rapidsoft Systems has announced the introduction of an upgraded rDialer Series of mobile dialers and mobile SIP softphones.

The new features provided in this version include multiple SIP accounts or call recording support and clear indication of server registration, the company has announced. The rDialer series is available as SIP-Based VoIP Mobile Dialers, which utilize a SIP protocol to dial a number, the company has stated.

The SIP-Based VoIP Mobile Dialers make use of data networks to place an outgoing call, or receive an incoming call on a network. These SIP dialers are available on modern communication equipments such as iPhone, Android and BB and the company is planning to introduce them soon on PC and Symbian (J2ME).

Gurbinder Mavi, sales VP of Rapidsoft Systems, said, “rDialers have emerged as leading quality SIP dialers for VoIP OEMs. They let new VoIP service providers launch their mobile calling services in a matter of days. The best part is that the company has kept dialers easy to use and configure for non-technical users. That is one of the reasons for their popularity.”

These VoIP Mobile Dialers are also available on call though, callback or calling card mobile dialers there they use cellular link to make and receive the calls. This method saves time as the user pregnant-enters the calling card information or dials a chosen access number.

In 2011, the company entered into an agreement with a major Indian media group to enable access to its telecom solutions for streamlining the activities of field workforce. To update local circulation, payment information and other operational data in real-time, the media company, whose name Rapidsoft kept under covers, made use of the applications to facilitate its field officers in more than two hundred cities.

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