TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

October 13, 2012

Some interesting announcements in the call recording sector this past week came from Rapidsoft Systems, GL Communications, Natterbox and Orange Business Services Solutions. Besides improved solutions, and enhanced SS7 monitoring and diagnostic system, there was also a partnership announcement to address mobile call recording issues.

Rapidsoft Systems unveiled an upgraded rDialer Series of mobile dialers and mobile SIP softphones with new features.  As per this report, the new features include multiple SIP accounts or call recording support and clear indication of server registration.  The rDialer series is available as SIP-based VoIP mobile dialers, which utilize a SIP protocol to dial a number.

The report quoted Gurbinder Mavi, sales vice president of Rapidsoft Systems, as saying, “rDialers have emerged as leading quality SIP dialers for VoIP OEMs. They let new VoIP service providers launch their mobile calling services in a matter of days. The best part is that the company has kept dialers easy to use and configure for non-technical users. That is one of the reasons for their popularity.”

TMCnet also reported that GL Communications is making GSM and UMTS mobile application part (MAP) emulation software available. Per the report, in a controlled and deterministic manner, the GSM and UMTS MAP emulation software can run predefined test scenarios against test objects.

As GL’s advanced and versatile protocol simulator/tester, MAPS has the ability to simulate numerous protocols in the telecom space. Comprising ISDN, CAS, SS7 and many more, it also supports all the GSM and UMTS MAP interfaces, according to this report.

Likewise, contributor Anamika Singh reported on yet another GL Communications announcement. Per Singh’s report, GL release an enhanced NetSurveyorWeb, a Web-based client that can connect to SS7 / ISDN / GSM / GPRS probes through a Web server for display of call data records with a Web interface.

The report quoted GL’s senior product development manager Jagdish Vadalia, who said, “The SS7 network is the backbone for fast and efficient signaling irrespective of network type – whether wireless, wired, or VoIP…Not only can it be used for billing verification, remote protocol analysis, and traffic engineering, but now it can also provide key performance indicators, failure analysis, and call trace capability, to name a few.”

In other news, contributor Mini Swamy reported on the development of call management app labeled “Only You,” developed by Designed for Android smartphones, the call management app allows users total control of what calls can be filtered out, allowing them to choose call numbers they would like to keep in touch with, reported Swamy.

Lately, mobile call recording has become a necessity for regulated financial services companies. Failing to comply could result in serious legal problems for these organizations. So they are looking for simple, secure, non-disruptive solution, says Neil Hammerton, chief executive officer at Natterbox. To that end, Natterbox has inked a partnership deal with Orange Business Services Solutions.

Their collaboration is intended to enable any organization regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to license the service and become compliant with legislation on mobile call recording.

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