BroadSoft Unveils Hosted Call Center Solution Call Center Xpress, Offers Quality Assurance

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BroadSoft Unveils Hosted Call Center Solution Call Center Xpress, Offers Quality Assurance

October 17, 2012

Service providers are well-positioned to capitalize on the migration by call centers from on-premises platforms to a virtual, hosted call center service that provides an advanced set of call center functionality, the benefits of a hosted architecture (centralized queuing and routing, remote agents, enhanced availability options) and a lower total cost of ownership.

BroadSoft has announced Call Center Xpress, a bundled call center solution that enables telecommunications service providers to deliver a feature-rich, end-to-end and fully scalable hosted call center solution to enterprise customers. Call Center Xpress is designed to help service providers offer hosted call centers to a broad range of customers, delivering the benefits of a hosted architecture to enterprise customers in a simple-to-deploy package.

BroadSoft Call Center Xpress leverages call center capabilities from three market-leading providers: BroadSoft, which delivers unified communications (UC) services, automatic call distribution (ACD) and call routing, supervisor and agent client interfaces and reporting through its BroadWorks platform; Inference Solutions, which provides advanced interactive voice response (IVR) services; and CTI Group, which offers robust call recording and quality management functionality.

"Call Center Xpress extends features and functionality typically reserved for large enterprise call centers -- such as voice-enabled IVR services, speech analytics, advanced call center functionality, and unified communications services -- to small businesses and mid-market enterprises," said David Bukovsky, vice president products, BroadSoft, in a statement. "As a result, service providers can quickly capitalize on the migration by customers from on-premise platforms to virtual call center infrastructure with an offering that we believe meets current call center needs and introduces new capabilities that can enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency."

BroadSoft Call Center Xpress is ideally suited for all call center environments, delivering the benefits of a hosted architecture, such as network-based queuing, geographically dispersed agents and a pay-for-use model.

"Businesses of all sizes see tremendous benefit in being able to purchase a broad suite of hosted communications services from a single, trusted provider," said James Turner, CEO, Inference Solutions. "By partnering with BroadSoft on the Call Center Xpress solution, we allow service providers to deliver and capitalize on this market opportunity -- addressing new high revenue call center markets, particularly in the small business and mid-market categories."

Key benefits of Call Center Xpress include an abundance of features, a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on-premises call center solutions, carrier-friendly, scalable, on-demand and standards-based interfaces that the open Xtended Application Programming Interface (API) enable integration with additional third-party applications.

"Historically, enterprise customers seeking to access such a broad range of advanced call center features would have to cobble together products from multiple vendors, at multiple premises, with the ensuing high cost of ownership," said John Birbeck, CEO, CTI Group. "We're thrilled to expand our partnership with BroadSoft as part of Call Center Xpress, because it is designed to allow service providers to offer an affordable, advanced, bundled package to business customers of all sizes and geographic dispositions."

BroadSoft’s Call Center Xpress delivers an end-to-end solution that meets all the functional needs of a typical call center, along with the resources to help a service provider bring their offer to market.

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