Intuate Group Helps CCI Recover Quickly from Fire Accident

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Intuate Group Helps CCI Recover Quickly from Fire Accident

October 23, 2012

Natural disasters can bring any company, big or small, to a standstill. It usually takes a company many weeks, sometimes months, to get back to its normal operation after being hit by a natural disaster.

But CCI, an international call center operator, could recover very quickly after a fire broke out at its premises in Mount Edgecombe, near Durban, recently. This was mainly because of the quick response provided by Intuate Group, a privately owned, broad-based IT company.

In CCI’s case, normal business resumed within days after the fire broke out. The fire started on Saturday night and the company was back in business as usual on Monday. CCI was able to bring its major lines back into full operation thanks to the services provided by the Intuate Group.

CCI offers outsourced customer contact center service. It continuously monitors its call agents to ensure that client accounts are being handled correctly and professionally. CCI provides services in the deployment and operation of outbound, inbound and combined multichannel contact centers. Obviously, the company has been able to save lots of expenses and its image thanks to its quick recovery from fire.

“With Intuate Group’s help and its ability to immediately provide us with spare kit, we were able to bring the call center back into full operation within 48 hours, an achievement that significantly reduced the impact this could have had on our business,” said Dave Clarke, IT director at CCI. “There is a lesson in this experience and that is the importance of having strategic partners involved in the construction of a viable business disaster recovery plan.”

In 2011, the company introduced Noble Workforce Management 2.1.1 (WFM), the next-generation of Noble Systems’ planning tool for contact center management. Apart from combining with other corporate systems and providing reports that measure agent adherence and center performance, the solution can make use of the adjustable scheduling processes.

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