Improving Your Call Quality Monitoring

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Improving Your Call Quality Monitoring

October 23, 2012

Call center goals, from delivering a satisfying customer experience to increasing sales and cutting costs, are often at odds. But you can positively impact all key performance indicators (KPIs) at once by running an effective call center quality monitoring program.

Many companies implement call monitoring to ensure that clients and customers receive the best service possible and to help agents continuously improve the service they are providing. Bellcom Worldwide, a U.K. call center and provider of B2B international call center services, recently shed some light on ways to improve call quality monitoring.

First on its list is establishing an in-house quality control team. By implementing quality control, each agent has enough coaching and development to develop a high level of skills to ensure customer satisfaction. Another vital step to take is creating a secure database of all recorded calls. Feedback captured within the system allows for effective and consistent communications with the individual’s performance between the agent, quality controller and the campaign manager.

SIP Print, a provider of call recording, call monitoring and unified communications systems, offers call recording products for different sized environments, ranging from the express edition, supporting up to 15 seats, to the enterprise edition, supporting up to 200 seats. The call playback for these products is available on standard media players such as Windows Media Player, Adobe Media Player and Apple QuickTime.

Bellcom also suggests using more than one method of quality control. The UK call center uses methods such as recording 100 percent of calls, enabling clients to access their own data by establishing a remote listening facility, calls coring criteria, individual agent feedback and coaching, teem feedback and coaching, intranet system for tracking progress reps, call leveling sessions and call transactions when required.

When conducting quality control it is important to have a well-established structure in place. The quality control team should be used to reinforce training and development within a contact center. From experience, agents have responded positively to such training and have benefited greatly in the form of improved sales results. Development plans are used to help develop the skills of agents and develop agents to achieve targets or KPIs set by clients.

Businesses of all types face growing regulatory requirements. Today, many businesses are simply required to record phone calls for an undisputable record of transactions. Others find that implementing a call recording solution offers the most effective and affordable way to demonstrate a pattern of compliance. Regardless of why you are implementing a call quality monitoring solution, there is always room to improve.  

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