TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

October 27, 2012

As usual, the call recording sector was busy with exciting announcements this past week.  News generators were Rapidoft Systems, TelcoDepot, Bellcom Worldwide, CCI, and Intuate Group.

To enable mobile users to make long-distance calls using SIP VoIP network, a U.S. VoIP operator has chosen Rapidsoft Systems’ mobile SIP dialers to introduce a new VoIP service, reported TMCnet contributor Raju Shanbhag.

The report indicates that these dialers are compatible with most VoIP switching equipment, and use industry standard SIP protocols.

The report shows that it is creating business for long-distance operators by letting the caller make a VoIP call via 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMax or GPRS networks. Recently, the company announced that Rapidsoft dialers have a well laid out user interface and clear indication of server registration. Plus, the TMCnet report indicates that the SIP dialers are also equipped with advanced features such as call recording support or multiple SIP accounts. The Android dialer also supports a call recording feature.

Contributor Shanbhag also reported in an article that now offers state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions from established companies like Logitech and AVerMedia. Besides free shipping and discounts on some of these models, these video conferencing solutions are also being offered at attractive prices, wrote Shanbhag.

Running an effective call center quality monitoring program can positively affect key performance indicators (KPI). Companies today are therefore implementing call monitoring to ensure that clients and customers receive the best service possible. Recently, Bellcom Worldwide, a U.K. call center and provider of B2B international call center services, shed some light on ways to improve call quality monitoring. These methods were presented in a column by TMCnet Web editor Rachel Ramsey.

In other news, Shanbhag reported that international call center operator CCI recovered very quickly recently after a fire broke out at its premises in Mount Edgecombe, near Durban, South Africa. “This was mainly because of the quick response provided by Intuate Group, a privately owned, broad-based IT company,” wrote Shanbhag.

The report quoted CCI’s IT director Dave Clarke, as saying, “With Intuate Group’s help and its ability to immediately provide us with spare kit, we were able to bring the call center back into full operation within 48 hours, an achievement that significantly reduced the impact this could have had on our business.” He added, “There is a lesson in this experience and that is the importance of having strategic partners involved in the construction of a viable business disaster recovery plan.”

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