Call Recording Software Lauded by Dental Practice Experts

Call Recording Featured Article Call Recording Software Lauded by Dental Practice Experts

November 02, 2012

ViziCall, a provider of call tracking and call recording solutions to enterprises, announced that its recently-launched application, MyDentistCalls, has already created an impression in the dental practice management arena.

MyDentistCalls was launched in August this year. Productive Dentist Academy, one of the dental industry's leading consulting and marketing companies and one of the fastest growing companies in America, recently endorsed the product.

Productive Dentist Academy COO Vicki McManus said, "MyDentistCalls is a game changer in call tracking technology. Nothing else compares."

MyDentistCalls provides staff phone monitoring capabilities for training and management. It will produce comprehensive, real-time marketing reports for detailed ROI analysis, patient cost-to-acquire figures, new patient conversion analytics, and so much more.

The call recording comes with videos, articles and manuals produced by experts in the field of marketing and dental practice management, such as Productive Dentist Academy. The call recording and tracking service starts at just $99 per month.

Call recording is essential for the success of any business. It has become part of employee training in organizations. Call recording provides actual evidence of where there can be room for improvement.

By assessing and evolving, the future of customer care is bright.

According to Spencer Peller, ViziCall founder and CEO, while there are call recording services designed for small businesses, there has not been something specifically designed for dentists and their practices. With MyDentistCalls, the company is filling that gap.

“We strongly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to small business technologies as the needs of a dental practice are much different than those of a law firm, a plumber, a contractor, a restaurant,” Peller added. “Therefore, what’s needed today is a call tracking and call recording application built solely for dentists, and that is what we have produced with MyDentistCalls.”

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