Red Box Partners with Natterbox to Offer Organizations with Exceptional Solutions

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Red Box Partners with Natterbox to Offer Organizations with Exceptional Solutions

November 02, 2012

To provide an on-net, FSA compliant mobile call recording service, Red Box Recorders has partnered with a cloud voice services provider, Natterbox. At multi-tenanted data centers, offsite or at client premises, onsite, recordings can be securely stored without the operational service issues of other solutions in the marketplace, thanks to the partnership.

Enabling captured audio to be delivered via the cloud to a client premise or hosted Red Box solution, Natterbox will integrate its SIM-based mobile recording technology with Red Box's voice recording system.

This will provide banks and other financial services businesses with an effective alternative to conference-based mobile recording solutions, whilst enabling them to consolidate all voice recording requirements across all communications, including fixed-line, mobile, VoIP, desk top screens and SMS, into a single system.

Unlike conference-based solutions that have been criticized in some instances for poor user experience because of delays in call connection, the secure on-network mobile call recording service requires no application on the device. Organizations looking to comply with FSA regulations, this improved user experience, combined with the ability to adopt a centralized recording system, will offer added choice, flexibility and simplicity.

“We have teamed up with Red Box in order to develop an alternative offering for prospects that meets the needs of their business in terms of usability and functionality. This partnership is focused on giving customers flexibility and choice,” said Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox.

He added that, in order to simply meet the incoming regulatory changes, many financial services organizations are now reviewing recording strategies and had signed short-term deals last year.

Lee Jones, COO of Red Box Recorders concluded that in order to help meet FSA requirements, banks and financial services companies are looking for simple and flexible tools. Whilst Natterbox's SIM-based solution offers an alternative to existing mobile options, having all recordings on a single system, without disruption or hassle, they can easily retrieve any transaction-based call.

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