TMCnet Enterprise Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Enterprise Call Recording Week in Review

November 03, 2012

Things were relatively slow this week in the enterprise call recording sector, but there were still a handful of events reported on by TMCnet; here they are in brief.

First, TMCnet assignment desk editor Stefania Viscusi pointed out that performance management tools play a crucial role in any modern call center operation. CallCopy was singled out in particular for its contact center solutions.

Specifically, the company's cc: Discover suite provides call recording, screen capture, workforce management, speech analytics and much more, but does not include real-time performance management, which is instead offered separately in the cc:Insight platform.

Treating such an important tool with the attention it deserves means CallCopy is able to provide a superior experience.

Next, ViziCall released MyDentistCalls, a Web-based application which reduces the amount of blown phone calls at the front desk. Led by a team of skilled professionals, this offering comes with a free marketing consultation.

“While we recognize services currently exist that allow small businesses to capture and record incoming phone calls, what has not been seen yet is something specifically designed for dentists and their practices," said ViziCall founder and CEO, Spencer Peller. "That is where the gap exists. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to small business technologies as the needs of a dental practice are much different than those of a law firm, a plumber, a contractor, etc.”

In other news, employers looking to keep a closer eye on employees can now do so with the help of Employee Dekstop Live Viewer, a piece of software able to monitor up to 100 employees at a time. Online and offline activities can be recorded and are stored in AVI format for later viewing.

This software is supported in all versions of Windows and requires only a server computer with access to employee terminals. Taking up a mere 100MB of disk space, the viewer functions in a stealth mode that makes it very hard to detect.

Lastly, Red Box Recorders partnered with Natterbox to provide an on-net, FSA-compliant call recording service. As such, multitenant data centers, offsite or on-premises recordings can be securely stored without the operational issues which plague other solutions on the market.

“We have teamed up with Red Box in order to develop an alternative offering for prospects that meets the needs of their business in terms of usability and functionality. This partnership is focused on giving customers flexibility and choice,” said Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox.

That wraps up this week in review. Head over to the Enterprise Call Recording Channel for more news in this sector.

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