TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

November 10, 2012

To meet the ongoing demand for high quality recording, vendors continued to improve such products for a variety of applications. Consequently, the call recording space was active with exciting new developments and introductions.

As the market evolves, telecom service providers are looking for new ways to grow and remain profitable. Toward that end, Vadacom and TranscribeMe have joined hands to communicate freely, and then to share, analyze and search that valuable audio content.

TMCnet contributor Mandira Srivastava reported that the two companies have partnered to win customers while differentiating against competitors.

The report suggests that such partnership can be beneficial for companies using unified communications technology and intend to make audio files simply useful simply.

In an effort to bring customer interaction intelligence into the workforce optimization (WFO) process to significantly enhance agent performance, scheduling as well as customer service, customer interaction analytics provider UTOPY unveiled a complete contact center WFO suite powered by customer interaction analytics.

Per TMCnet contributor Jayashree Adkoli’s report, UTOPY’s new WFO suite automatically monitors, as well as analyzes, all customer interactions to provide comprehensive analysis. The report shows that the suite also includes the capture and analysis of speech, agent screens, e-mails, chats, and customer feedback from more than one million sources of social media.

Shortly after launching a retail website, Voip-Pal claimed that it now has a patent pending on its lawful intercept technology. The patent application will likely be reviewed by officials in the European Union, the United States and Canada, reported TMCnet contributor Ed Silverstein.  

In this report, Voip-Pal claims that “lawful intercept” is remarkably similar to Microsoft's "legal intercept,” which is also patent pending. Voip-Pal said that filing date for lawful intercept precedes Microsoft's legal intercept filing by two years.

Meanwhile, due to boost in business, cloud-based voice services company Natterbox has expanded its sales team. Factors impacting this growth include deal with Orange Business Services to provide mobile call recording services to Orange B2B customers and FSA ruling.

To keep pace with its rapid growth and distributed operations, integrator Damovo adopted Zyrion’s new MSP monitoring platform that offered flexibility and scalability. Zyrion’s enterprise-class MSP monitoring solution, Traverse, emerged as a clear winner after an extensive evaluation, said Damovo.

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