CSI's Virtual Observer Brings with it Desktop Analytics Functionality

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CSI's Virtual Observer Brings with it Desktop Analytics Functionality

November 12, 2012

Desktop analytics is an emerging technology that is fast gaining acceptance as an essential element in efficient workforce optimization. Coordinated Systems Inc. a provider of workforce optimization (WFO), call recording and quality monitoring solutions for contact centers, has introduced this desktop analytics feature to its Virtual Observer WFO suite. The new functionality, according to the company, will enable its clients capture and analyze user activity at the desktop level, which in turn will help them to implement the best practices across the workforce.

“We're proud to release this functionality as an essential element in the Virtual Observer WFO suite. We see many, many applications for Desktop Analytics, but the first and foremost benefit is gained by customers looking to automate the process of eliminating sensitive data from their recorded interactions,” marketing director for CSI, Rich Marcia noted in a statement.

CSI explained that the Desktop Analytics feature will help the call centers to automate PCI compliance during particular tasks that involves capturing of sensitive information such as credit card details. The newly introduced feature will trigger Virtual Observer to be able to stop recording the sensitive information once the process is initiated, and to resume recording once the agent ends that particular task. In the past, savvy IT professionals could initiate the trigger with CSI's LightsOut! API, but it required sufficient knowledge of coding to pull it off. The Desktop Analytics does away with the need for coding.

Virtual Observer already comes with 256-bit media encryption as an included feature. With Desktop Analytics, Virtual Observer is now equipped with additional granular auditing feature. This is expected to satisfy most PCI compliance standards, CSI claimed in a news statement.

Then, Desktop Analytics can also be used to automate agent tagging process. For the contact centers, agent tagging is an essential process, as it allows the call centers to tag calls as relative to a specific business need or function.

Recently, CSI enhanced its Virtual Observer Agent Portal to provide agents with many new innovative features including the ability to view peer statistics, play back calls, respond to evaluations and more.

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