Hosted Predictive Dialer and Call Recording Simplify Telemarketing

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Hosted Predictive Dialer and Call Recording Simplify Telemarketing

November 15, 2012

Call centers that cater to telemarketing activities need to implement modern technologies like hosted predictive dialers. These technologies have simplified the efforts of outbound marketing campaigns.

While predictive dialers are very effective in delivering telemarketing services, their effectiveness must depend upon the call volume that you require, says Austin Thomos, a senior marketing executive at Call Center In India (CCI).

As a rule, you should have a list of at-least 10,000 records that must be consumed in a period of 4 weeks through the predictive dialer, according to Thomos.

In addition to predictive dialers, a telemarketing call center also requires good computer telephony integration (CTI) system that is used to convert a computer system into a call center. The CTI allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing communications.

Call recording is the next important thing in an outbound call center. The calls recorded in your call recording system can be used for quality improvement purpose as well as meeting compliance requirements.

While call recording also serves as a quality monitoring tool, it’s better to have a dedicated quality analysis system integrated with call recording system. Else you can opt for a quality monitoring system that has an inbuilt call recording system. The quality monitoring system would be used for sales verification and validation activities.  The recorded call will be used by the QA team for getting customer information and for collecting data for sales purpose.

Businesses looking to outsource their marketing activities should look for call centers that have effective telephonic marketing system supported by these technologies. This, in addition to trained professional, will help them deliver the best results in any type of marketing activities.

An example of this system is LiveVox’s integrated call recording application that allows call centers to record 100 percent of all outbound or inbound calls without the need to purchase an expensive third-party recording application. It delivers secure storage and flexible retrieval options, allowing contact centers to have quick and precise access to each recording.

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