Otel Launches Sentinel SIP Monitoring Service

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Otel Launches Sentinel SIP Monitoring Service

November 20, 2012

For a large number of enterprises and VoIP operators, VoIP and SIP quality monitoring services are too expensive to afford. In an effort to offer an affordable alternative, OTel Telecoms, a provider of licensed VoIP Infrastructure solutions including VoIP switches to ISPs, ITSP and LCR companies,  has come up with a cloud-based SIP quality and fraud monitoring service, the Sentinel Global Service.

The official launch of the service was recently announced at Africa’s telecom event, AfricaCom 2012.

VoIP fraud, over-contention on networks and a maturing technology requires a good measurement, analysis and Network Operations Center (NOC) tool. According to OTel officials, Sentinel offers all of this plus more, without expensive investments in the competing service.

With the affordable SIP Sentinel service, OTel expects to gain a significant market share in the VoIP arena. The service will be offered alongside the TVNO service, a news statement revealed.

The new service supports the VoIP Fraud Global Registry, a central prevention database of known premium numbers and IPs involved in fraudulent VOIP activities worldwide. The service is designed to enable the operators and enterprise VOIP engineers to troubleshoot and monitor VoIP quality, MOS, jitter and latency and perform various other analyses.

Several months of beta testing proved that the service is well capable of analyzing and troubleshooting VoIP-related problems very quickly. In its beta stage, the service has been tested by various VoIP providers in Europe, USA and Asia.

“OTel has found the appropriate platform to launch a global service at a global event. AfricaCom 2012 marks the beginning of many positive changes about to happen at OTel Telecoms as it opens its SIP Sentinel service to the world telecoms industry. We’re excited to offer the SIP Sentinel service alongside our TVNO service to VOIP providers around the world,” said Chief Executive Officer of OTel Telecoms Mohammad Patel in a statement.

“The digital telecoms industry worldwide continues to evolve into a mainstream method of interconnecting and providing terrestrial and mobile telecommunications via VOIP technology,” said Thyson Makitla, head of Projects & Development at OTel Telecoms. “Conditions in this market, which boasts the fasted growing industry anywhere in the world, is a strong incentive for us to provide this cloud-based service to all providers and enterprises using Asterisk or any VOIP softswitch. VOIP fraud, over-contention on networks, and a maturing technology requires a good measurement, analysis and Network Operations Center (NOC) tool. Sentinel offers all of this plus more, without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the competing service.”

The company is also offering BlueBox Call recorder service as an offshoot of the Sentinel Service. Ideal for call centers, banks and insurance industries, this service allows all VoIP recording to be encrypted and saved onsite. The call records are accessible via the Sentinel cloud, where it decrypts and makes the calls available for listening online or download.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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