SIPCare: Unified Platform for Call Recording, Management and Troubleshooting

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SIPCare: Unified Platform for Call Recording, Management and Troubleshooting

November 28, 2012

One of the reasons you deployed a VoIP communication system was to have only one network in your organization – you combined voice, data and video onto a single cable plant, lowering costs and simplifying maintenance. But just because everything is on the same wire doesn’t mean that all of the applications work properly together all the time. Monitoring your environment for quality of service and business effectiveness allows you to proactively prepare for issues and maintain control of your network.

The SIPCare cloud-based service from SIP Print, a provider of call recording and management solutions, covers your entire unified environment with comprehensive management dashboards and a suite of tools for active control. SIP Print’s call recording systems are designed to meet the business needs of contact centers, SMBs and enterprise organizations with unique and practical solutions for screen capture, workforce management, quality assurance and speech analytics—all interoperable with many of today’s most popular phone systems and devices.

SIPCare call management platform removes performance and quality risks associated with unified communications. The SIPCare product is the first purpose-built solution to integrate monitoring, call management, troubleshooting and remote access tools into one unified solution for UC and the infrastructure it depends on. Unified communications spans many IT components and network vendors and requires a call management solution that can work in conjunction with other tools to make sure your users have an exceptional experience.

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SIPCare offers a single UC service platform excelling at quality of experience, network infrastructure and server management, 100 percent coverage of unified communications and the key infrastructure components it depends on, focuses on what has changed, monitors off-site and on-site infrastructure changes, unique perspective from cloud and premises-based agent(s) and reporting and analytics that end-customers want to see.

Users who deploy SIPCare experience a number of benefits, such as gaining unified control and visibility across vendors and equipment, detecting changes and threats to the end-user experience, responding with automated insight and recommendations, monitoring call quality and server performance problems, integrating network, QoS and bandwidth management and subscribing to the cloud-based service for flexibility with optional experts on call on-demand.

The robust application gathers information from all of the key elements in your communication environment. Remote agents located in multiple locations gather data with a variety of techniques, including packet capture, active call testing, windows management information (WMI), scripting, syslog and URL testing.

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