RocketSpace Accelerator Includes Calibrus Inc.'s Fanatic Fans

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RocketSpace Accelerator Includes Calibrus Inc.'s Fanatic Fans

November 30, 2012

RocketSpace has approved Calibrus Inc.’s Fanatic Fans application to be a member of its Accelerator program. The startup co-workplace program, RocketSpace is a highly praised accelerator program especially for technology start-ups in the bay area.

Calibrus is a development organization with a focus on Social Media and Mobile applications. The organization also develops solutions and services in the arenas of third party verification, hosted call recording and IVR services. Calibrus also manages the JabberMonkey website, a popular website where people can express their views and opinions at an international level.

Calibrus' hosted call recording solutions are an excellent alternative for companies that do not wish to invest in expensive hardware, maintenance and support of a state-of-the-art call recording system. Features include an all-inclusive pay-as-you-go model by the minute or by the transaction/call, call recording and .Wav file access 24/7 via a secured website for easy retrieval, customized reporting options, high quality recording with redundant systems and disaster recovery and optional quality control monitoring and evaluation services.

Associates of RocketSpace are linked with main players, fund raising prospects and the best talent in their industry, as part of the program. The accelerator program from RocketSpace is only for the privileged, with just ten percent of startups being acknowledged as members. Some of the associates of RocketSpace comprise of Spotify, Uber, and Zappos. Fanatic Fans will be able to expand itself with the assistance of contacts and assets provided by RocketSpace.

A simplified and pleasurable method of interacting with other fans at sporting events, concerts and other live events is offered by the Fanatic Fans application. Users can obtain discounts from local and national businesses via the Fanatic Fans application. The discounts are normally on items like tickets, food, drinks and related sports and music items, and can be obtained at any time, not necessarily during an event.

In a statement, Jeff Holmes, CEO of Calibrus Inc. said, "I am excited that Fanatic Fans will now have a presence at RocketSpace located in San Francisco. We are at the perfect stage in our development to benefit from their resources and the highly organized start-up community in the bay area."

Users can avail the Fanatic Fans Facebook application for no extra cost. The app can be easily downloaded from the Facebook app store. The app is also available for download at the iTunes store and Android Market store.

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