CSI Unveils Virtual Observer Community Workforce Management

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CSI Unveils Virtual Observer Community Workforce Management

November 30, 2012

Coordinated Systems, Inc recently unveiled the latest module in its Virtual Observer call recording and workforce optimization portfolio, the Virtual Observer Community Workforce Management. The organization has included demonstrated agent observance and schedule optimization features to the Virtual Observer call recording and workforce optimization offering by advantageously utilizing a recognized workforce management technology.

Contact centers will be able to generate an optimized work schedule, predicted schedules, conformance reporting and shift bidding among others using Virtual Observer Workforce Management, all at an extremely decreased ownership investment. Five distinct prediction techniques are utilized by VO Community WFM with the help of several groupings of Erlang, historical data and other algorithms in order to address a broad array of exclusive needs.

Customers and associates had requested CSI to identify a dependable workforce management associate in order to supplement the Virtual Observer workforce optimization suite. The workforce management technology must be able to scale to enterprise-class deployments at an economical price. The technology must also be accessible and can be incorporated in a simplified manner.

In a statement, Rich Marcia, Marketing director for CSI said, "Community was hands-down the right workforce management option for us, our customers and our partner channel. Community WFM now tops off our workforce optimization solution, instantly making Virtual Observer a logical choice for contact centers who not only want to record and evaluate their customer interactions, but also make sure the right agents are in the right seats at the right time, and all at the right price. Our customers’ workforce management teams can now easily execute schedule and forecasting strategies with just a web click.”

According to Marcia, customers will appreciate the ability to accept multi-site or virtual agents as and when needed. Similar to Virtual Observer, complete version upgrades are offered as part of standard maintenance.

Dan McGrail, director of Product Development at CSI said, “We wanted to work with a technology which is open and easily integrates with the leading market-share pbx vendors, such as Avaya and Cisco, but also the NECs, Mitels, Siemens and standard SIP platforms as well. Both technically and strategically, Virtual Observer Community WFM is a no-brainer from an IT perspective.”

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