TMCnet Enterprise Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Enterprise Call Recording Week in Review

December 01, 2012

Welcome to this edition of the enterprise call recording week in review, recapping some of the top stories for the last week of November as reported by TMCnet.

First up, a recent crackdown on illegal VoIP calls by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has resulted in an increase of legal VoIP calls in the country, increasing from 13 million to 39 million minutes per day. The crackdown was prompted by a drastic decrease in legal VoIP use.

An anonymous BRTC official pointed to uneven competition among operators and "the involvement of powerful quarters" for the VoIP situation in Bangladesh. International call termination through VoIP is prohibited by law in the country.

Next, the FBI proposed a new law to congress that would make it easier to wiretap VoIP conversations. The major controversy in this is that the law would require companies offering VoIP services to modify their programs to accommodate FBI wiretaps.

As such, companies like Truphone VoIP would be required to add extra code to their product lines as overhearing a VoIP call is much more difficult than a regular phone call. Of course, the proposed law still has to face normal Congressional approval measures.

In other news, Microsoft has found itself embroiled in yet another legal struggle, this time with a California company called VoIP-Pal. Having recently purchased Digifonica Gibraltar and its patents, VoIP-Pal is now claiming its Lawful Intercept patent is very similar to Microsoft's Legal Intercept.

Indeed, both patents are meant to make it easier for government and law enforcement to legally wiretap VoIP communications, so they likely cover similar bases. VoIP-Pal seems to have the advantage in this situation as Digifonica's patent goes back to 2007, while Microsoft's was filed in 2009.

Lastly, CallCopy has partnered with Vertical Solutions, a CRM/CCMX and service management solutions developer, to create a new solution. This solution will integrate CallCopy's cc: Discover call recording and WFO suites with the VSI VServiceManagement and VContactCenter customer support and field service platforms.

“Integrating CallCopy’s call recording and WFO with VSI’s exceptional CXM solution provides an outstanding opportunity for our customers to maximize both service and business efficiency with a seamless, simple-to-use system,” said Ray Bohac, chief information officer at CallCopy. “With built-in compliance and litigation-quality call recording, the combined technology is a value-added solution that resolves multiple business issues with a single platform.”

That wraps up this week in review. Be sure to check out the Enterprise Call Recording Channel for more news in this sector.

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