Voicemailsforever.com Introduces Voice Recording and Saving Solution

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Voicemailsforever.com Introduces Voice Recording and Saving Solution

December 05, 2012

Voicemails Forever unveiled a new recording and saving solution that will offer customers the freedom to record, transfer and permanently save important voice messages on phones and answering machines. This solution will help people store fond memories like that of a child’s first words.

The voice safekeeping solution delivered by Voicemails Forever includes one hour of voicemail recording time. The service can be accessed by dialing a private access number and the steps to follow are very simple.

David Poloner, founder of Voicemails Forever, said, “Voicemails Forever challenges the idea that voicemails are temporary. People can now breathe a sigh of relief when existing voice messages (both personal and business) are set free and saved forever, especially before upgrading to a new phone or switching carriers.”  

Officials explained that Voicemails Forever helps in protecting and storing critical messages as MP3 sound files on a secure site. When required in the future, these can be accessed from the stored customer account established during the set up process.

The recordings can be saved onto the computer, tablet, or mobile device of the consumer without the need for any new hardware or software. Instant activation with immediate e-mail product delivery allows for quick voicemail transfer and backup. It is also fully compatible with all phones and networks. The voice files can be played again by logging online to download and save the voicemails as audio files right on the computer

Officials said that the voicemails can be easily burned to an audio CD for safekeeping or shared with friends and family through e-mail, Facebook or other social media.

Voicemails Forever can be used for business voicemail systems, home answering machines and voicemail greetings. It is also compatible with all cell phone carriers and all phones that have not enabled a visual voicemail app.

For businesses, VoIP call centers provide services like voicemail recording besides caller ID, distinctive ringing, call waiting, and routing, soft phone compatibility and so on.

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