Retell Releases Cost-Effective Mobile Call Recording Solution Developed with Mainstream Digital

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Retell Releases Cost-Effective Mobile Call Recording Solution Developed with Mainstream Digital

December 06, 2012

Retell, a U.K.-based call recording hardware and software manufacturer, today launched a new hosted mobile phone recording solution designed to make mobile call recording a more realistic option for small businesses and single handset users, by way of an affordable price point. The solution also increases its value by including a GPS system that allows businesses to track worker movement, for improved security and efficiency.

This release comes as a response to FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulations instructing certain financial trading organizations to record mobile calls in order to prevent insider trading and other illegal dealings. More accurately, this release comes as a response to the industry's response to the FSA ruling as many regulated firms found ways to circumvent regulation or avoid recording large numbers of handsets, largely due to the high cost involved.

Indeed, mobile recording vendors have not received levels of uptake predicted when the ruling was first introduced in 2011 demonstrating, according to Retell, that many vendors have failed to provide adequate products.

"We always believed that the market for mobile recording would mature when the expected surge to comply with the FSA died down and new, more affordable technologies became available to small and medium sized business owners," said Steve Cobley, managing director at Retell, in a statement. "So we are delighted to be leading from the front, offering customers an affordable and secure mobile phone call recording option with GPS tracking."

Retell's newly released mobile call recording software was created in conjunction with the company's long-time technology partner, Mainstream Digital. As such, the platform is based on Retell's Sense call recording engine, hosted alongside Mainstream's hardware and flexible user management software in a U.K. data center. The solution works on all mobile networks and is secure, meeting the highest standards of encryption publicly available.

Initially, only BlackBerry handsets will be supported by the solution, though Android and other smartphones should see compatibility over the coming weeks.

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