Phone Calls Revolutionized with Latest Smartphone App 'SayWhat'

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Phone Calls Revolutionized with Latest Smartphone App 'SayWhat'

December 13, 2012

With the rising popularity of text messaging, the manner in which people communicate has changed in SayWhat.

SayWhat Labs Ltd. has unveiled its smartphone app called SayWhat. Users can now uniquely send, pick or decline phone calls with the help of personal messages and emoticons using this latest app.

An increasing number of users perceive that voice calls are occasionally pointless, invasive or rude. The SayWhat app permits the caller and recipient to swap a short message and emoticon while placing a voice call.

The difficulty of whether to place or take a call has now been resolved by SayWhat, which offers an entertaining method to articulate the atmosphere, subject or importance of a voice call.

In a statement, Noam Wolf, cofounder and CEO at SayWhat Labs Ltd. said, "Despite innovations in phone calling such as caller ID or speed dialing, you always had to answer the call to find out what it was about. SayWhat finally eliminates that issue. We believe this a milestone technology that will have a widespread impact on the way people communicate with their friends, family, peers and business colleagues."

Available for no extra cost, SayWhat is available with a comprehensive assortment of predefined messages and expressive emoticons, ideal for calls considered informal, entertaining, job-related or simply out of love.

While placing a call, users are also provided an option to write their personal message or utilize their customized emoticons. SayWhat offers the recipient an insight into the type of call even before it has been initiated. If recipient are unable to receive the call, a message stating "Sorry, I can't talk now" can also be sent back.

A special "Can You Talk?" button is also available on the SayWhat app, allowing users to view the availability of contacts in real-time without essentially making a call.

"Anyone who has ever wondered if they should answer a call can understand why this app is a real game-changer,” Wolf said. “The way we communicate today very often requires the ability to understand and set the agenda for a live voice call. SayWhat does this in a way that is not only functional, but also lots of fun."

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