Cable & Wireless Communications Extends Investment in C3 Platform

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Cable & Wireless Communications Extends Investment in C3 Platform

December 19, 2012

Conference calls offer numerous advantages to companies. They save time and travel expenses and make meetings easy and affordable.

Realizing this, Cable & Wireless Communications has added C3's Network Conferencing application to its current C3 Network Messaging system.

With the help of C3's Network Conferencing platform, Cable & Wireless Communications can now offer fully equipped conferencing features to its users across the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The conference service can be divided to support concurrent operators as well, and it supports various branded operators.

C3’s Network Conferencing platform is available standalone or as an upgrade to an existing C3 Apcentia system. The platform is also scalable from just a few to thousands of conferencing channels.

“C3's Network Conferencing allows us to provide an enriched conferencing service to our customers, whilst leveraging our existing C3 platform and our initial investment," said Andy Bridson, chief commercial officer, Cable & Wireless Communications Channel Islands and Isle of Man. “We have been very impressed with the C3 platform, as well as the ongoing technical support from the team who are incredibly responsive to our requirements.”

Cable & Wireless Communications owns and operates full-service telecommunications businesses providing various telecommunication services to the client. The company’s end users are small and medium-sized enterprises, consumers, corporate customers (including other carriers) and governments.

It also offers services to about 11.3 million mobile, 667,000 broadband and 1.7 million fixed line customers.

Recently, the company announced that Interactive TV specialist Firestorm Media completed an advanced communications upgrade that is created to accommodate future growth and assist in attracting other development opportunities. Firestorm Media is a provider of TV IVR development.

To combine IVR, SMS, CRM, dynamic overlays and studio call handling onto one revenue-generating platform, the company works with TV production units internationally. 

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