Seamless Call Recording with Auto Call Recorder App for Android

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Seamless Call Recording with Auto Call Recorder App for Android

December 28, 2012

Admit it: not every conversation you have via mobile phone is important. There are the few (or many) times when a phone call is made for quick and simple chatter, just as there are times when a long, important conversation is had over the phone.

But for those important phone conversations (long or short), there is now a seamless way to record and revisit the call. Whether you missed a number you wish you could remember, or there’s a story you wish you could recount accurately, the conversation can be reviewed once the call is completed.

Enter call recording. The process is highly useful, and now it can be done without even pushing a button. The helpful, capable app is called the Automatic Call Recorder for Android, an application which automatically (hence the name) records your calls and keeps them in the phone’s memory bank for later use.

While call recording has existed for some time, the practice has never been an easy one. The phone needs to be set up with the call recording feature, which then requires access and setup before a phone call can be recorded.

Now a conversation is immediately archived, and the customer can decide which unimportant call (like a pizza order) to delete, and which drunk call from a friend (or something more important) they’d like to save.

The Auto Call Recorder app gives the user the option of using the app for every call, or for certain users, and can be turned off and on at the discretion of the customer. The program has additional customizable features as well, such as audio format and sound quality, file-saving location, and file naming.

The calls are recorded and sorted in real time into a list organized by call time and date, for easier consultation. While there is a 100 saved-call maximum on the free version of Auto Call Recorder, users can buy the pro version for extended storage.

The Auto Call Recorder is also integrated with Dropbox for mobile-to-PC connection, allowing the recorded call to be shared however the user wishes.

As a free application, the Auto Call Recorder is the perfect tool for recording conversations to replay later, a luxury not afforded in face-to-face conversations (without blatantly, awkwardly using a recording device or taping one secretly to your stomach).

The power of the smartphone to capture calls, not just voicemails, has finally been realized with the handy Auto Call Recorder app, and now calls can be kept to prove a point, clear up misinformation, embarrass a friend, recall a complement, and used for many and likely more important purposes. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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