NetBoss Technologies Announces Availability of NetBoss Performance Analytics

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NetBoss Technologies Announces Availability of NetBoss Performance Analytics

December 28, 2012

NetBoss Technologies, Inc. recently announced the availability of its NetBoss Performance Analytics product. The latest offering from NetBoss has been designed to include a number of capabilities, which include advanced key performance indicator (KPI) measurement; and instrumentation and baselines network performance.

In a statement, Jim Odom, president and CEO at NetBoss Technologies, said that, “This performance management addition to the NTI product line continues our focus on our customers’ core business needs. Protecting revenue using a top down customer approach to operations is the next generation of applications for communication service providers.”

The Performance Analytics capability of the solution allows incorporation with the NetBoss XT and or use as a standalone appliance, capable of supporting technologies such as SNMP, xFlow, NBAR, VoIP, and IPSLA.

NetBoss Performance Analytics is deployed as distributed appliances within the network.

To survive within an increasingly competitive mobile environment, communication service providers are required to focus on optimization of customer experience via the two-pronged approach of lowered operational costs and improved quality of service (QoS).

NetBoss Performance Analytics provides end-to-end visibility into service quality trends which makes it easy for communication service providers to make proactive decisions much before costly outages can have a negative impact on their customer base, and eventually on their revenue streams.

Additionally, by leveraging NetBoss Performance Analytics communication, service providers can benefit from a new revenue avenue via the delivery of VIP monitoring services to high-value customers.  

Performance Analytics can provide critical insight into areas experiencing service degradation for both residential and business customers. By identifying these weak areas, communication service providers can quickly take remedial action which can help save both time and money. The solution also offers insight into service-affecting events, making it easy for employees at the service-delivery level to quickly respond and avoid red tape and or evaluation delays.

All of these capabilities help communication service providers enhance their service and effectively expanding their customer base.

NetBoss Technologies, Inc. is a specialist in OSS software-based solutions for communication service providers. Customers leveraging the company’s solutions benefit from increased operational efficiency and improved quality of service. 

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