CallProof Incorporates Sales Rep Software with Twilio

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CallProof Incorporates Sales Rep Software with Twilio

December 28, 2012

CallProof has incorporated its mobile sales activity management/CRM offering with Twilio. CallProof customers will now be offered the ability to track, record and route sales calls as a result of this incorporation.

Users can also make calls at no extra cost, as the incorporated solution uses VoIP to lower expenses for businesses.

In a statement, Robert Hartline, CEO at CallProof said, “Twilio Integration in our software allows a business to buy local telephone numbers and assign them to salespeople. When a salesperson leaves, the number can be assigned to the new salesperson, resulting in a better customer experience.”

Customers will be able to retain their original numbers when they start using the customized phone number from CallProof, powered by Twilio. Customers can use a Twilio number on business cards, e-mail signatures and marketing brochures. The call will be transferred to any phone number of the salesperson when a prospective or current client makes a call to the Twilio number.

The risk of losing sales is therefore decreased in the event of an employee leaving the organization.

Customers are offered more choices for recording phone calls with the record “click-to-call” phone calls features. This feature, available via mobile phones or online, allows clients to record phone calls. Businesses can also select a phone number that will be displayed on the customer’s caller ID.

A Twilio number can be bought by businesses to monitor the progress of a marketing campaign. The phone number can be used in promotions like newspaper ads, radio ads or Google ads as well.

CallProof monitors data right from the initial contact to sale when people call a number, keeping businesses updated on the number of sales emerging from a specific campaign.

Powered by Twilio, CallProof can be used by management to log in to evaluate calls, relocate an account to another salesperson, or utilize calls for training purposes. Statistical reports related to the total calls to a specific number, during a particular period of time, can be accessed by any authorized user.

“The real power," said Hartline, "is seeing what marketing efforts actually drive sales. You can see how much revenue was generated from a particular marketing effort.”

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