TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

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TMCnet Call Recording Week in Review

December 29, 2012

Call recording solutions are becoming implemented in more and more organizations as they help improve performance, customer experiences and meet regulations. Each week, there are product announcements, industry trends and various breaking news in the call recording space. Here are the top stories this week.

CallProof has incorporated its mobile sales activity management/CRM offering with Twilio. CallProof customers will now be offered the ability to track, record and route sales calls as a result of this incorporation. Users can also make calls at no extra cost, as the incorporated solution uses VoIP to lower expenses for businesses.

Natterbox, a cloud-based voice services company, signed a deal with NICE Systems, a worldwide enabler of software solutions. Many legacy recording systems cannot comply with modern security needs, but NICE Trading Recording is built with regulatory compliance, thanks to a secure and automated process that documents all access to call recordings, and delivers instant call retrieval and replay to the workstation. Integration of Natterbox solutions with the NICE Trading Recording solution will provide customers with landline and mobile call recording accessible via one centralized location.

Also this week, NetBoss Technologies, Inc. recently announced the availability of its NetBoss Performance Analytics product. The latest offering from NetBoss has been designed to include a number of capabilities, which include advanced key performance indicator (KPI) measurement and instrumentation and baselines network performance. The Performance Analytics capability of the solution allows incorporation with the NetBoss XT and or use as a standalone appliance, capable of supporting technologies such as SNMP, xFlow, NBAR, VoIP and IPSLA.

Admit it: not every conversation you have via mobile phone is important. There are the few (or many) times when a phone call is made for quick and simple chatter, just as there are times when a long, important conversation is had over the phone. But for those important phone conversations (long or short), there is now a seamless way to record and revisit the call. Whether you missed a number you wish you could remember or there’s a story you wish you could recount accurately, the conversation can be reviewed once the call is completed. A new helpful, capable app is called the Automatic Call Recorder for Android, an application which automatically (hence the name) records your calls and keeps them in the phone’s memory bank for later use.

In compliance news, IP phone maker Yealink recently completed Avaya DevConnect interoperability compliance testing with Avaya’s IP Office #8.1 solutions. Yealink’s VP530 video phone is unified with audio, video and other applications and its T2x Series devices are the next generation of VoIP phones customized for business users seeking rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface and high voice quality. With both VP530 and T2x Series devices completing Avaya’s DevConnect technical testing with Avaya, Inc.’s IP Office Release 8.1, Yealink has provided an opportunity for its customers to uncover new possibilities for getting more out of their communications infrastructure.

As we bring this week to a close we also close the book on 2012. 2013 is sure to bring even more exciting innovations and trends as the space continues to grow, expand and improve. Stay tuned to the call recording as it all happens! Happy New Year.

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